Friday, 17 April 2009

Why Don't People See Anything Wrong With This????

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  1. I don't see anything wrong at all.

    1. The kid can't wonder off and get lost.
    2. A sex predictor can't snatch the kid and run away.
    3. If the kid falls into the water just pull on the cord and you can get the kid back.

    You put a leash on a dog so the dog won’t wonder off and get lost, hit by a car or stolen. Why not provide the same protection for your kids as you would for your dog.

    I once new a man who had five kids. The man and his family went camping near a river. When the family arrived at the camp site the man tied a rope around the waist of each of his kids, connecting the kids together and leaving about ten feet between each one. The man said if one of the kids should fall into the river the others could pull the one out. He also said that if all of the kids should fall into the river I only have to grab one and I have them all.

    I call that good and responsible parenting.